Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Parker Fly Deluxe in Heather Gray

The Parker Fly Deluxe reflects some straightforward yet significant advancement. As always, sound is the paramount consideration. All new Fly Deluxe guitars are equipped with a coil tap and 3-way pickup selector that give you even more sound than before, with six magnetic pickup choices ranging from warm, creamy humbucker crunch to single-coil twang to howling blues. Locking tuners provide better tuning accuracy since the strings do not need be wound on the post. The Fly Deluxe?s no-tang stainless steel frets wear much more slowly than traditional nickel/silver frets.

Parker announced the Heather Grey finish for the Fly Deluxe on July of1998. Since then, a total of eight standard colors are available for the Fly Deluxe.

This exact model is available for only $2,399 @

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